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Incredible projects crafted from marble, quartz, granite and other exotic stones.

Granite and marble are classic choices.

Natural stone is the king of countertops. Every stone is unique and one of a kind. Visually stunning, and requiring minimal maintenance, natural stone is used to create incredible kitchen countertops, fireplaces and vanities. Stone is the natural choice.


Stunning ideas for your new bathroom.

It's not just for kitchens...

Enjoy this stunning collection of baths. From the warmth and classic look of Marble, to the modernity of Quartz, Fordham Marble has the right countertop surface for the new bathroom.


Fireplaces, wall cladding, backsplash and more.

Let your imagination run wild.

Natural stone and quartz surfaces are not just for countertops. At Fordham Marble we pride ourselves on our ability to bring our client's design dreams to reality.


Where does granite and marble come from?

It starts at the quarry.

Marble and granite are quarried throughout the world. The photos to the right were taken from quarries in Brazil and Italy. The image above is a marble quarry in Italy. We are excited to share our love of stone with you.


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